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which spreads, irrespective of race and .colour
round and about the world. I am annoyed when
an American calls me a " foreigner "—war with
America would seem to me just as insane as war
with Cornwall—and I find the idea of cutting
myself off from the English-speaking peoples of
America and Asia to follow the flag of my
Austrian-Japanese friend into a federally bunched-
up Europe extremely unattractive.
It would, I suggest, be far easier to create the
United States of the World, which is Mr Streit's
ultimate objective, than to get together the
so-called continent of Europe into any sort of
I find most of these United States of Europe
movements are now jumping on to the Federation
My old friend and antagonist, Lord David
Davies, for instance, has recently succumbed to the
infection. He was concerned about the problem
of a World Pax in the days when the League of
Nations Society and other associated bodies were
amalgamated in the League of Nations Union.
He was struck then by an idea, an analogy, and
the experience was unique for him. He asked
why individuals went about in modern com-
munities in nearly perfect security from assault
and robbery, without any need to bear arms.